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Current Security District Projects:

Facility Security Officer Training and Communication

The Houston Ship Channel Security District has hosted the several facility security officer (FSO) training courses, and works with regional partners such as the United States Coast Guard to support FSO and law enforcement/first-responder meetings such as the Coast Guard's Maritime Awareness, Security, and Terrorism Training (MASTT) workshop.

Houston-Galveston Port Area Strategic Risk Management/Mitigation and Trade Resumption/Resiliency Plan (PRMP) Five-Year Update

The Houston Ship Channel Security District pursued, won, and, after an RFQ process, selected Witt O'Brien's/Shrader Engineering to implement a 2013 Port Security Grant to update the regional PRMP.  The six-month process included study by subject-matter experts, interviews with facilities/District Members, and law enforcement/public safety personnel, and briefings/updates to the United States Coast Guard.  The final deliverable included:

  • Summary Report of Work Performed since the 2008 PRMP
  • Analysis of Strategic Risk to the Houston-Galveston Port Area
  • Recommended Mitigation Strategies
  • Trade Resumption and Resiliency Analysis


The Houston Ship Channel Security Project:

Surveillance System:

  • 19 Landside Sites with Cameras/Sensors/Equipment
  • 14 Waterside Sites with Cameras/Sensors/Equipment
  • Command and Control System integrating Security Project, Harris County, and Sheriff's Office assets
  • 24/7/365 monitoring by the Harris County Sheriff's Office Security Monitoring and Analysis Center (SMAG)
  • Video Links to Regional Partners such as the United States Coast Guard and the Port of Houston Authority Police Department.


Upcoming: Select video links to industry partners and District Members

Landside Assets:

  • 9 Harris County Sheriff's Office Trucks
  • 3 Harris County Sheriff's Office, Baytown Police Department, and Galena Park Police Department Sedans
  • 5 Port of Houston Authority Police Department Trucks
  • Radiological Detection Equipment


Waterside Assets:

  • Four HCSO Marine Patrol Boats
  • One HCSO 36' SAFE Patrol Boat
  • Submersible Remotely Operated Vehicle



  • The Ring of Steel: a fiber communications network connecting regional First Responders, Law Enforcement, Governmental Planners, and Infrastructure Support Teams
  • 14 Public Safety LTE E-Node-B Sites Completed - the first functional Public Safety LTE system in the Nation


HSCSD Law Enforcement Support:

HSCSD supports the Houston Police Department with funding for training and deployment of HPD assets including:

  • MD500 Patrol Helicopter
  • Bell 412EP Twin Engine Tactical Support Helicopter
  • Three Rapid Response Trucks for the HPD Bomb Squad
  • Fast-Role and Rappelling Equipment
  • Assault Armor Kits, Masks and Radios
  • An Airborne Radiation Detector


HSCSD supports the Harris County Sheriff's Office with funding for training, deployment, and maintenance of HCSO assets including:

  • Marine Unit Boat Fuel and Maintenance
  • Marine Unit Vehicle & Trailer Fuel and Maintenance
  • Landside Infrastructure Patrol Vehicle Fuel and Maintenance
  • SMAG Third Shift Surveillance Personnel


HSCSD supports the City of Baytown with equipment designed to facilitate the deployment of the City's multi-mission Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive Weapons equipped boat that provides Type I HazMat and Bomb Squad/Explosives Team support and Type II Regional Structure Collapse and Technical Rescue services.

Updated September 21, 2015